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Nicholas Tse has a habit of sleeping with anime at least two to three days a week.


He is obsessed with the world in anime.


He said that there are restrictions on how many people go to acting, but in anime, you can achieve what you want.


This is Nicholas Tse's way of comforting himself.

这是谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)安慰自己的方式。



It's like he is still that hot-blooded boy in his bones, with sharp edges and corners, and magnanimous love and hatred, but he can already live in peace with the world.




That was all taught to him by the years.


On August 29, 1980, there were more than 50 reporters outside the delivery room of a hospital in Hong Kong. They all hoped to get first-hand information about the newborns so that they could make headlines.


They were waiting for Xie Xian and Deborah's eldest son, Nicholas Tse.

他们在等谢贤和黛博拉的长子谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)。

Xie Xian was a famous Hong Kong actor who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. He was suave and was known as the "fourth brother".


Deborah was the first Hong Kong sister champion in Hong Kong in the 1970s. He was extremely glamorous and was known as "La Gu".

黛博拉(Deborah)是1970年代香港首位香港姊妹冠军。他极富魅力,被称为“ La Gu”。

Parents are so popular that Nicholas Tse's gaze is naturally not less.


He was born only a week ago, before he opened his eyes, he appeared on the front page of a well-known Hong Kong magazine and became the creator and holder of the record for the youngest cover age of a Hong Kong magazine.


Every year on the first day of the New Year, this "all-star" family has a reserved project, which is to take a family portrait for publication in major newspapers in Hong Kong to celebrate the new year.


Nicholas Tse doesn't like those flashes and video recorders, he has found them strange since he was a child.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)不喜欢这些闪光灯和录像机,他从小就发现它们很奇怪。

So he could only be dressed up in all kinds of "playful" appearances next to his mother, smiling reluctantly.


"I don't like the feeling of being noticed." Nicholas Tse recalled.


The feeling that every step of growth is recorded is not so good.


It was not until 13 years old that Nicholas Tse rebelled against his mother for the first time.


"I don't want to shoot." Nicholas Tse said.


Deborah ignored him and took him to the studio.


The photographer asked Nicholas Tse to smile, but Nicholas Tse refused, and De Bo stretched his hand to beat him.


Nicholas Tse was as stubborn as his mother, he refused to laugh if he didn't want to laugh.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)和母亲一样固执,如果他不想笑,他拒绝笑。

Deborah asked: "Today is the New Year, and so many reporters are filming you, why don't you laugh?"


"Because this situation is not worth my laugh." Nicholas Tse replied, "If you really want to laugh, I hope it is from the heart."


In 1995, Xie Xian and Deborah took their lawyers, met in the hotel for breakfast, and then went to the court for divorce.


When the passion of love was finally consumed by the daily trivialities, the two men endured each other's bad temper to the extreme.


Instead, after signing the divorce procedure, they hugged and laughed at the door of the court.


After Deborah remarried many years later, the two would still meet for morning tea.


They are good to get together and get together, but the breakdown of their parents' marriage has a big impact on Nicholas Tse.


Nicholas Tse was 15 years old that year and studied in Canada alone.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)那年15岁,仅在加拿大学习。

One day, he passed by a second-hand musical instrument store, and without even thinking about it, he ran in and bought a set of drums for $99.


He has been exposed to the public's vision since he was young, with almost no privacy. He was evaluated and criticized by people he knew and did not know, and suffered from their inexplicable prejudice and cold eyes.


The parents' divorce ignited Nicholas Tse's repressed rebellion.


He is too dissatisfied with this world.


When Nicholas Tse found out that he could play drums, he was not to be more satisfied.

当谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)发现自己可以打鼓时,不要感到满足。

Beating people is definitely not good, even breaking a cup is considered sabotage.


But drumming is different. Even if you don't play well, even if others think you are annoying, but at least it looks like a serious matter.


At that time, he didn't find a teacher to study or communicate with anyone, so he shut himself up in the room and listened to music and drumming.


He doesn't care whether he is playing good or bad, right or wrong, anyway, he just wants to find some support for himself.


Deborah saw his son's poor grades but was interested in music, so he took him to worship the famous Hong Kong music godfather Dai Sicong as his teacher.

黛博拉(Deborah)看到儿子的成绩很差,但对音乐很感兴趣,因此带他去拜访著名的香港音乐教父戴思聪(Dai Sicong)作为他的老师。

This may be the earliest intersection between Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong, because this teacher Dai is also Faye Wong's Bole.

这可能是谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)与王菲(Faye Wong)之间的最早交汇处,因为这位戴老师也是王菲的伯乐。

It was he who desperately called Faye Wong, who went to the United States to study, back to Hong Kong for development. He sang the blockbuster "Vulnerable Woman" and established Faye Wong's position in the Chinese music scene.


At that time, Faye Wong was not only the most popular female singer in the Asia-Pacific region, but also won the nomination for Best Actress in the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards with "Chongqing Forest".


In the future, Cecilia Cheung, who will become Nicholas Tse's wife, is still studying in Australia, hiding her family's monthly living expenses from doing part-time jobs to make money.


Nicholas Tse later went to Japan's Tokyo Conservatory of Music for advanced studies and composed the first song of his life "Estimation Error".

谢霆锋后来前往日本东京音乐学院深造,并创作了他人生中的第一首歌《 Estimation Error》。

At the end of the same year, he appeared on TVB for the first time, covering Beyond's "I Love You" as a Mother's Day gift to Deborah.


At that time, his voice and typhoon were very young, but someone had already seen his talent and was about to invite him to become a professional singer.


People who "bring their own traffic" like Nicholas Tse have received invitations from seven or eight brokerage companies long ago, and the treatment and promises given by the other party are good.


Nicholas Tse did not want to disclose more, only that he chose Photograph Records in the end, and the owner Yang Shoucheng was very good to him.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)不想透露更多信息,只是他最终选择了Photograph Records,而店主杨守成对他很好。

This Photographic record is the predecessor of Emperor Entertainment in the future.

这张照片记录是未来Emperor Entertainment的前身。

That day, Xie Xian said to Nicholas Tse:


"Now you have signed a contract. From now on you will sing, dance, and act by yourself. You will be judged by others for good or bad. I can only give you the word ‘Zhisheng’."


"Zhisheng" is Cantonese, which means to remind the other party to protect themselves and adapt to changes.


Then Xie Xian gave Nicholas Tse the only 20,000 yuan left on him.


He made his debut at the age of 16 and released a record. In the eyes of others, it should be a good thing to be "young and promising", but when Nicholas Tse was here, he became "paying debts for his father."

他在16岁时首次亮相并发布了唱片。在其他人的眼中,“年轻有为”应该是一件好事,但是谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)在这里时,他成了“为父亲偿还债务”。

Nicholas Tse always put his hands on it and didn't give too much explanation.


He said: "Every family has hard-to-read sutras. But I think it's good to be able to make some money while doing what you like."


It was such a contract that completely pushed the young Nicholas Tse to the center of the stage.


With the return of Hong Kong in 1997, with the economic and cultural integration of the two sides of the strait, the Hong Kong performing arts community also ushered in unprecedented opportunities and prosperity.


Nicholas Tse caught up with a good time.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)度过了愉快的时光。

In this year, he released his first solo Cantonese album "My Attitude", which won the third place on the Hong Kong IFPI record sales chart, and he also won the Gold Award for the Most Popular Newcomer in the Top Ten Golden Songs.

今年,他发行了首张粤语个人专辑“ My Attitude”,在香港IFPI唱片销量榜上排名第三,并且还获得了十大金曲中最受欢迎的新人金奖。



However, like the situation faced by every star when he first debuted, the first thing he learned was how to face the audience's boos.


"It's not the loudspeaker, it's not the venue, it's not the microphone, it's because the boos is too loud."


The title of "Star II" did not bring him a shortcut, but a stricter standard and unshirkable abuse.


At an open-air concert with about 30,000 people, the host didn't even finish Nicholas Tse's name when he reported the curtain, and the light stick was thrown onto the stage.


They shouted and cursed, letting this "little ruffian go back to school".


Nicholas Tse didn't know what he did wrong, but if the host could "escape", he could bite the bullet.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)不知道自己做错了什么,但是如果主持人可以“逃脱”,他可以咬紧牙关。

He played the piano and sang while trying to avoid those light sticks, but there were 30,000 people on the scene, and he would inevitably be beaten no matter how he avoided.


After singing a song, Nicholas Tse returned to the backstage after thanking him. The seniors wanted to comfort him but were powerless, so they could only come over and pat him on the shoulder to let him cheer.


"I know I didn't miss anything." He said, "As long as I stick to the music, it will change one day."


In the past two years, Nicholas Tse has released 4 music albums alone, and sales and market feedback are quite good. The album "believe" has also achieved double platinum sales.

在过去的两年中,谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)仅发行了4张音乐专辑,销售和市场反馈都非常好。专辑“相信”也实现了双白金销量。

After singing, he hardly rested. When he was not yet 18 years old, he made the first movie of his life, "The New Young and Dangerous Boys Fighting", playing the role of the teenager Chen Haonan.


There is a plot design in the play. It was Nicholas Tse who wanted to fight with a group of 300 people. Due to the large number of people, Nicholas Tse's feet were accidentally pierced by the iron fence during the fierce battle.

剧中有剧情设计。是谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)想要与300人的团体作战。由于人数众多,在激烈的战斗中,谢霆锋的脚被铁栅栏意外刺穿。

After NG, the director saw that Nicholas Tse's right shoe was stained red with blood and his face changed, so he quickly sent him to the hospital.

NG发生后,导演看到谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)的右鞋被鲜血染成红色,脸也变了,于是他迅速将他送到医院。

At that time, the crew had already filmed part of it. It would be time-consuming and labor-intensive to start again, and the effect would not be good.


This is Nicholas Tse's first movie. He wants to do his best to be perfect.


After that, Nicholas Tse asked the crew to disinfect him briefly, and then went on filming.


This film not only won him the best new actor at the Academy Award, but also let his persistent and serious character spread throughout the film circle and won everyone's respect.


After that, Nicholas Tse changed from "Star II" to "Desperate Saburo."


In 1999, Nicholas Tse insisted not to use a stand-in when filming "The New Man of the Special Police". As a result, there was an accident with the pressure on the set.

1999年,谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)坚持在拍摄《特警新人》时不要使用替身。结果,机器上的压力发生了事故。

He fell directly from the second-floor height, causing spinal injuries. He has seen doctors 120 times and still has sequelae.


Because everyone knows that they can really work hard to make good works.


In 1999, Nicholas Tse released the first Mandarin album "Thank you for your love 1999", and the total sales of genuine copies exceeded 1 million.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)于1999年发行了首张国语专辑《谢谢您的爱1999》,正版销量超过100万张。

This record made Nicholas Tse so popular that people were finally willing to formalize his talent.

这张唱片使谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)如此受人欢迎,以至于人们终于愿意将他的才能正式化。

That year, when Nicholas Tse sang "The Lone Star" at the 903 enthusiast concert at the California Red Man Hall, there was a problem with the on-site equipment and the guitar sound was wrong.


He couldn't stand such a flaw, and after a casual curse, he simply threw the guitar to the ground.


The next day, the headlines of major newspapers in Hong Kong were almost all, "Nicholas Tse lost his temper during the performance."


No one cares about his mood at the time, writing in this way can win people's attention.


"I smashed the guitar and received attention only because I did something that few people do in Hong Kong music festivals."


Nicholas Tse has become accustomed to these "title parties", and he doesn't care what others say anyway.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)已经习惯了这些“称号聚会”,无论如何他都不在乎别人怎么说。

In the millennium, Nicholas Tse was invited to participate in CCTV's Transcentury Spring Festival Gala. He wore a ponytail suit and leather shoes and walked out with Dong Jie wearing a wedding dress, and sang the affectionate version of "Together in this life."


The boys and girls in the mainland also fell in love with him.


He brought too many changes.


In 2000, "In the Mood for Love" was very rewarding at the Cannes Film Festival, and the crew members happily organized a celebration party.


However, in this party, the 20-year-old Nicholas Tse was even more eye-catching than Tony Leung, who was the winner of Cannes.


When the meeting was over, Faye Wong took Nicholas Tse's hand and got into the car through countless reporters' flashing lights.

会议结束后,王菲(Faye Wong)牵着谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)的手,穿过无数记者的闪光灯进入车内。

She walked in front of him without any scruples, he walked behind, bowed his head and smiled sweetly.


They are 11 years apart, one is the queen who just got divorced, and the other is a hot new star in the music world, so they will make the headlines whenever there is any movement.


Of course, the outside world has doubts, and some are waiting to see the excitement, just wanting to see how they love each other and how they fall apart.


But those are Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong, they are the ones who care about what others say.


"But even if you don't care, they (the media) will really make your relationship impossible and twist your relationship." Sister Xiaoyan once seriously analyzed Nicholas Tse.


"No." Nicholas Tse's eyes were firm, "A true love will not be distorted, nor will it be crushed by a small scandal."

“没有。”谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)坚定地说道:“真正的爱不会被扭曲,也不会被小丑闻压垮。”

He is in the midst of the "top bag case". Many people accused him of breaking the guardrail and "escaping" to find someone to convict him as irresponsible.


He explained that it was because he hurried to catch the plane and didn't mean to "flee", but no one listened.


This mistake broke his heart.


On July 27, 2002, Nicholas Tse publicly announced for the first time that he would temporarily quit the entertainment circle at the "Fifth Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong" concert held at the Beijing Workers Stadium.


Nicholas Tse held several "Farewell Concerts" at that time. When he sang in Taiwan, he stopped by to participate in Sister Xiaoyan's show "Xiaoyan Have an Appointment". The above episode seemed a bit "secondary" words.


At that time, Sister Xiaoyan then asked him: "Then do you have a real relationship?"


Nicholas Tse said without even thinking, "I don't have one now, but I have had this experience."


Sister Xiaoyan paused, still didn't point out, and didn't ask any more questions.


After breaking up with Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse was briefly with Cecilia Cheung, but Cecilia Cheung once publicly stated that he did not want to admit that relationship.


No one can tell the entanglement between the two.


In 2003, Nicholas Tse reunited with Faye Wong and broke up after three months of dating.


This point is a full 10 years.


The return of Nicholas Tse is a concert, a music album, and a large-scale art performance to record the Spring Festival Gala and warm up the Beijing Olympics.


The film "The New Police Story" co-produced with Jackie Chan was released worldwide. With this film, Nicholas Tse won the best actor in the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.


In one scene, Nicholas Tse rolled all the way from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, and was strangled by a thick rope, almost asphyxiated in shock.


Speaking of this episode afterwards, Nicholas Tse still looked indifferent: "I have a fear of heights, but I have a more serious illness, called a workaholic."


In 2004, Nicholas Tse took over the filming of the TV series "Little Fish and Flowers". The ending song was "The Yellow Man" created by him.


This time, "Hua Wuque" is gentle and elegant, unlike the "rebellious teenagers" he played before. In the scene where Nicholas Tse and Zhang Weijian slapped their mouths, their faces were beaten and swollen.


On the set of "October Siege" in 2005, Nicholas Tse took the initiative to play ugly in order to fit the role, and that handsome face looked like a different person.

在2005年的《十月围攻》中,谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)主动扮演丑陋的角色,以适应这个角色,而那张英俊的脸却像是另外一个人。

The role of coachman Ah Si was chosen by himself. Director Chen Desen originally wanted him to play the "Young Master", but he liked Ah Si more.


During the filming, Nicholas Tse asked martial arts instructors to perform real fights for the sake of truth. He did not give up until the dramatic effect was achieved. He eventually won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Academy Awards.


When Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong were together, they once said that they would complete their lifelong events at the age of 25.


At the end of the year, Nicholas Tse's film "The Promise" started shooting, and within a few days, the media revealed that his relationship with Cecilia Cheung had revived.


In the summer of the next year, Nicholas Tse bought an island and proposed to Cecilia Cheung.

第二年夏天,谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)买下了一个小岛,并向张柏芝求婚。

After the birth of their eldest son, Cecilia Cheung was involved in the "porn photos" incident. Faced with the pressure of public vision and public opinion, Cecilia Cheung's acting career almost stagnated.


However, when such a big event happened, Nicholas Tse didn't ask anything, just said: "Wife, it's okay, I'm here."


He has changed. He is no longer the boy who broke his guitar because of his pitch.


He is now a husband, a father, and the pillar of a family.


"I have known her for too long, and I know everything about her." Nicholas Tse recalled.


"The moment I got down on my knees and proposed to her, I was ready to accept everything from her."


However, no matter how determined the relationship is, when the "love" is gone, it still cannot escape regret.


In 2012, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung ended their 6-year marriage and became another pair of strangers.


There is no need for rhetoric if you are in love, and no need to explain to anyone if you are separated.


This is very thankful Nicholas.


Nicholas Tse has been in the show business for too long, and people seem to gradually forget that he is actually a singer.

谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)从事演艺事业已经太久了,人们似乎逐渐忘记他实际上是歌手。

He himself joked: "I also saw it on the Internet. The post-90s knew me because of the actors, and the post-00s knew me because of the chefs."


For him, these labels are all him, and not exactly him.


So he didn't care too much.


"If I don't work, I may stay in the kitchen for 8 hours. Cooking is my hobby." Nicholas Tse said.


Leaving his ex-wife and son, he once again returned to his life alone, just like when he started studying abroad alone at the age of 11.


At that time, Nicholas Tse's sleep became a big problem again, so if he couldn't sleep at night, he would get up to make some desserts and wait for the flour to turn into bread by the oven.


With an absolute passion and sincere character for everything, let him cook and make it bigger by accident.


In 2014, Nicholas Tse created the TV show "The Twelve Ways of Frontier Taste", which can be called a "film-level reality show" with high ratings.

2014年,谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)创作了电视节目“边境味道的十二种方式”,可以说是收视率很高的“电影级真人秀”。

Nicholas Tse invited many celebrity friends from the show business circle to participate in the show, through the food to see life, convey care and love.


Then when the show reached the third season, Michelin came. They first launched the honor of "Michelin Friends" in 2016 and awarded it to Nicholas Tse.


We must know that in Michelin's history of more than 100 years, this is the first time they have awarded honors to individuals, not restaurants.


On November 11 of that year, Nicholas Tse, who was not a chef, joined 7 international Michelin-starred chefs to attend a feast of the century hosted by Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the world’s most influential wine review publisher-"Sensual Journey" ".

那年的11月11日,不是厨师的谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)和7位国际米其林星级厨师参加了由世界上最具影响力的葡萄酒评论出版商“感性之旅” Robert Parker Wine Advocate主持的世纪盛宴。 。

That night, Nicholas Tse personally walked into the kitchen to prepare appetizers of his own design for the banquet, shared with more than 700 guests present, and shared the charm of Chinese cuisine with everyone present.


Nicholas Tse said: "Cooking in the past few years has made me understand a lot of truths, and I have come to know myself more deeply, and I have come closer to my family and friends."


Maybe as Zhao Wei said: ""The Twelve Ways of Frontier Taste" teaches you how to live, to experience what happens every day in your life, and how to deal with the people you meet. That is the biggest part of this show. significance."


This is the year when Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong reunited.


They each experienced a relationship and a marriage, but they still couldn't escape each other's ties.


It was a bit cold that day. Faye Wong wanted to put her hand into Nicholas Tse's trouser pocket. After trying several times to no avail, she simply pulled Nicholas Tse's hand out, and then took his hand and stuffed it into Nicholas Tse's jacket pocket.

那天有点冷。王菲(Faye Wong)想要把手放在谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)的裤子口袋里。几次尝试都无济于事后,她简单地拉开谢霆锋的手,然后将他的手塞进谢霆锋的夹克口袋。

Faye Wong walked behind and became a naughty little girl, and Nicholas Tse walked forward and became the person who took care of her.


I still remember that at the release conference of the movie "One Life" that year, he mentioned the "goddess" in his heart. Nicholas Tse, 34, said shyly that liking is a feeling.

我仍然记得那年在电影《一个人生》的发行会上,他内心提到了“女神”。 34岁的谢霆锋(Nicholas Tse)害羞地说,喜欢是一种感觉。

"If I can specify her traits, then I like that trait, not that person."


Today Nicholas Tse is trying everything.


He was a tutor for programs such as "Happy Boys" and "The Voice of China", formed a band to play rock and roll in "Our Band", and founded the "Fengwei" company.


In 2019, I participated in the Perak 903 Getopia concert. When I sang to the fullest, I would take off my shirt and throw it into the crowd, causing the scene to boil.

在2019年,我参加了Perak 903 Getopia音乐会。当我最大程度地唱歌时,我会脱下衬衫,扔到人群中,导致现场沸腾。

Identity is an identity, and a name is just a name.


It would be great if he could carry all his identities and names, but they were not the most important things to him.


"Yes, you know, I never change. I have been in the industry for so many years, except for two more children, nothing else has changed."


The reporter was not reconciled and asked him to describe himself in three words.


He thought for two seconds and replied: "Nicholas Tse."


"It's three words." The reporter asked.


After making trouble for most of his life, he has reached the age of no doubt, yet he still protects the young man in his heart.


All these honors, achievements, happiness and love are all he deserves.


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